The Netflix Curse


So I’ve noticed some people freaking the fuck out about the Obamas hooking up with Netflix to do some stuff that no one really gives a shit about…. Well…I’m here to tell you that there is a silver lining to this cloud…

Netflix has the magical power to destroy people…. It’s true…. And I think we are all going to benefit from this sooner than later…..I call it the Netflix curse…and it’s truly a beautiful thing….

When Netflix first began…they didn’t do anything other than act as an alternative to a rental store… It may be hard for some to remember a time when Netflix didn’t create content…but for the first few years…they didn’t….One of the first Netflix originals was called Being Elmo…

Being Elmo was about a puppeteer names Kevin Clash and his rise to stardom as the voice of Elmo… Netflix did a great job telling his story through the voice of one of the goblins from Labyrinth…. Whoopi Goldberg… I’ll admit…when I saw it back in 2011 when it was released… I thought it was a pretty good story….until Kevin Clash became the first to fall under the curse of Netflix…

I have to throw a side note in here before I continue to let you know that the Netflix curse is actually a good thing…

Here’s why….


After that documentary¬† was out for a while…something was brought to light…. Kevin Clash is an animal that preys on children… I guess I should say allegedly here…but the only thing that saved him from having a fist shoved up his ass… like Elmo…. in prison… is a little thing called statue of limitations….

He played Elmo forever and nothing was exposed until that Netflix original came out..

Last week I saw that there is a show on Netflix called the Rachel Divide… Bet you can guess who that’s about…. I didn’t watch it because I don’t have Netflix…so I’m not sure of what kind of light it shines on her (I’m sure she was hoping for a black light)…I do know what I read in the news yesterday though… seems like Rachel has committed welfare fraud….

And it came out after her Netflix original….

More than likely… a vast majority of people that had Netflix originals are into some shady shit that has yet to be exposed (but will be in time)… when I heard the Obamas were going to be writing…producing…starring in…whatever the fuck they were doing with Netflix…I was super excited….

Once the Netflix curse is placed upon them…think of the treasure trove of things that are bound to come out…





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