First off….let me extend a warm you’re welcome to wordpress for allowing you to take more money from me while you continue to censor me…

Now…time for some questions….

Why are you hiding my view count..??… I KNOW it’s not zero because I post things I’ve written to other sites and people are reading it…commenting…reblogging …so on and so forth….

Yet YOU are showing me that my view count is a big…fat…zero….Why..??..

Why is it that I never receive notifications through email that the people I am following on here have posted a new blog..??..

What are you so afraid of..??..

The truth..??..

Are our topics too triggering..??..

We have not threatened anyone…We are good people… We take the things that are bothering us and write about them (usually with a little humor thrown in) …Nothing…other than feelings…are getting hurt…so why can’t we just speak our minds…??

Haven’t you figured out yet that it’s only going to make me and others that you are trying to silence louder…???

Probably not….but hey…here’s an honest question…. Are you offering discounts to those leaning left since their content…in your opinion…is of such high quality..???….


2 thoughts on “Seriously…..??…

  1. I actually had two odd comments come in to me a few days ago from anonymous and when I placed them in my spam they disappeared before I could empty them with some other spam. I let WordPress know and hopefully it’s not from someone that has any affiliation with the company in some way. I do see that I have much less likes than normal. I’ll see if there is a pattern then perhaps request a refund and stop blogging with them myself. There is definitely some game playing online but I have yet to see it with WordPress. Hopefully not.

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    1. I know they are messing with my numbers…. I post my blog posts on Gab…get feedback from them there….and then look at my stats on WP and they are zero….Ridiculous…..Hopefully they’re not messing with your site. …


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