Quick Question….

For those of you that claim that NRA members (or anyone that believes in the 2A for that matter) has blood on their hands when there is a shooting… of any sort… that doesn’t happen in a city or county run by Democrats…. I ask you this…..

When the truth comes to light….And it will very very soon…..that those leaders that you look up to are not only killing children…but raping them and selling them off to the highest bidder…what shall we say is on YOUR FUCKING HANDS…???



Take your pick…… because as disgusting and horrific as it is to even type this….blood is not the only bodily fluid these victims are having to deal with… and those that allow, defend and follow people that harm innocent children are vile creatures and shall too be brought to light…and hopefully justice…

They will be tried for what they do to innocents…



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