The Truth About Censorship MSM Won’t Mention.

Well..I’m sad to say that yesterday there was a shooting at the YouTube HQ… I am actually surprised that this happened…though a lot of people (on the left) were not… In fact.. they all seemed to be filled with some sick twisted joy at the fact that there was another shooting.. To them the end is always worth the means….

There were numerous posts on social media stating that the shooter was probably a right wing gun nut, an Alex Jones or Trump supporter or an NRA member…

Do these people have no heart..?? You would thing with all of the virtue signaling they do…they would at least have a little bit of integrity…

Then….their worst nightmare came true…

The shooter was an female Iranian immigrant vegan animal rights activist….

So I ask this….

Why so fucking quiet..?? Where’s your sympathy towards those that were shot..?? Why are you not continuing your anti-gun rhetoric..?? When is the march..?? Where the hell is David Fucking Hogg..?? ..Oh wait… he’s probably riding his bike from Florida so he can interview people because….like Stoneman Douglas…he wasn’t anywhere around when it happened… Don’t believe me…look it up… Might have to dig though…. since the mere mention of his name in a negative light has been hidden like a non dyed Easter egg in the snow…

Oh shit…Did I say Easter…??.. Google doesn’t like that either…But hey…let’s have a doodle for Ramadan…because that’s a peaceful time… Don’t know of too many Catholics blowing shit up because they gave up alcohol… chocolate or caffeine for lent…but lets not talk about them shall we..??

Ok back to the topic at hand… This attempted murderer shot up YouTube because her videos were censored… Well… that’s what she’s saying at least…even though MSM claims it was a love triangle….She stated in her video (that has been conveniently taken down) that her views were less and less and she felt she was being censored..

I have a newsflash here folks… Her videos fucking sucked and that’s why she didn’t have any views… You know what else sucked..??.. The people in her life that didn’t encourage her to have a normal job because that YouTube channel was NOT going to pay the bills…and she was NOT going to get famous from it either… That is what happens when people believe in equality of outcome… Some people bank on it and when they fail…well…they go fucking nuts…

I’ll end this by saying a little something to you folks on that always cast the first stone whenever tragedy happens….

A lot…and I mean A LOT of YouTubers were not only censored…but had their channels taken down because they either spoke ill of the lefts Gun Grab Jesus…or they followed the Qanon phenomenon (which if you aren’t I recommend you do)

Do you know what they had in common…??

They were generally right leaning…

Do you know what they did…??..

They went to another video platform…

Do you know why..??..

Because we are rational…even when they are constantly called Nazis..racists…bigots…and every fucking phobic on the planet…



3 thoughts on “The Truth About Censorship MSM Won’t Mention.

  1. Maybe a deep state/SES last ditch effort to distract from what’s really going on….That girl was probably MK’d… Sad and sick. ….

    Hey. ..on a different note…are you on Gab..??..


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