A Promise to the Sheep…..

Well…. to all of you normal…rational people that I follow on WordPress….guess what…???..

They are censoring you…..

Which pisses me off because we give them money….

Oh well… They will wish they had let our voices be heard when a certain video comes out of how terrible TPTB are and when those that blindly follow them need help sorting out their emotions… Only then will the censorship stop… They won’t be able to deny things anymore…

Those that needed to wake up could have been forewarned this entire time….

But the ones in control sadly would not let that happen…

Just know this… I for one will try my best to console you when the truth of your overlords is revealed… I will try my best to not say “I told you so”… This transition into reality is going to be hard for a lot of you… but don’t worry…. We will not abandon you… though you have called us Nazis and Fascists and other terrible things… That’s ok… We’ve called you terrible things too and I know I will probably continue to do so….but I will not wish harm on you nor leave you to deal with this on your own….. I know that a lot of the people I surround myself with feel the same way….

We will help you because we are real people… Not virtue signaling empty shells walking around trying to tell others to be just like us…

We are individuals and pride ourselves on our different strengths and weaknesses…

So when SHTF very soon…. and it will….remember one thing…



2 thoughts on “A Promise to the Sheep…..

  1. Ironic that the most dangerous fascist group to exist on this planet points the finger, labels, censors, destroys businesses or anyone’s reputation that does not agree with their New World Order “regressive” agenda. I swear these people are “devolving” before my eyes.

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