I NEED My Service Animal

This service animal thing has gotten way out of hand… Don’t get me wrong…I love animals…but if your “service” animal isn’t even trained to be a service animal… Leave it at home….(this of course only applies to public indoor places…by all means..take your dog to the park… lake…etc….)

There are valid reasons I feel this way…

That little dog you are carrying around is not a service animal… It is a pet… If it were real service animal…it wouldn’t have tried to attack me today at the grocery store… Service animals are trained… Your “service” animals lacks discipline because you are either too fucking lazy to train it or too cheap to at least enroll it into some CGC classes… Unfortunately, I can’t prove this.. because I’m not ALLOWED to ask you if that is a service animal….I can however…tell if you are blind or deaf..(maybe) and in need of a service animal… I don’t see the reason for people (other than Veterans) having animals for emotional comfort….


Here’s why…..


I trained exotic animals for over a decade… One of the first things you do is train them to understand that a crate is not for punishment… it is a safe space… (this applies to domestic animals as well).. When an animal is stressed out …immediately allow it to retire to it’s safe space… Trainers do this not only for the safety of people that may be in direct contact with animal…but also for the animal’s well being… They really DO need a safe space….

Another thing….animals are very good at picking up on moods…. Now… if you are in public and you freak the fuck out because something offended you (I assume you are easily triggered… hence the need for a “service” animal)… your poor dog is likely to feel stressed out as well… This is because your dog was not trained to deal with stress and simply labeling him or her a service animal does not make him/her one…. You now get to retreat to your safe space.. (say..your Mom’s car)..while you finish your breakdown….but what about your furry friend… Where’s his/her safe space… Oh.. that’s right … you didn’t think of that… because you only focus on YOU…


So.. the next time you want to parade your “service” animal in public and show it off like a badge of victimhood…. remember this…


If you can’t stand in solidarity with your four legged friends and respect their need for a safe space…You should sit… lie down… and stay home….


Good girl……


One thought on “I NEED My Service Animal

  1. Let’s not forget volunteer puppy raisers who take (future service) dogs out into public for socialization…I get some real weird looks at times since I have no visible (or non-visible) handicap. You’re right. Companion dogs are not service dogs and give real service dogs a bad name.


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