Does anyone find it a little bit curious that no one said a fucking word about cultural appropriation when one of the Kardashian’s dressed up like Michael Jackson..??..

But now she dresses up like Bo Derek from the movie “10” and everyone is losing their shit… Well…Hate to break it to you ladies…but Bo Derek is white and no one said a word when she had her hair in corn rows…I know people on Twitter are bitching… saying they are not called corn rows..but whatever..that’s what we called them back then and that’s what I  am calling them now…..No one bitched about Kim culturally appropriating a white woman from the 80s.. (maybe she claimed to be transdecade and got away with it..who knows)….. Yet…all Hell breaks loose because she wore her hair like a black chick…. And it’s mostly white women who are tearing her apart…. They are actually calling her racist….


Now.. I couldn’t care less what a celebrity does or doesn’t do with their hair…but for you little white guilt apologists who are calling Kim Kardashian a racist because she put her hair in cornrows….ask yourself this….


How many black dicks have you had in you..????



That’s what I thought…..


But let’s not forget how racist Kim Kardashian is…….




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