H&M… You’re a Bad Monkey…

Well Hell… H&M is racist…  Let’s add that to the soon to be long list of other stuff that is racist in 2018…. Apparently they put a black kid in a shirt that says…….



Oh…. The HORROR…..!!!!!!!!


I’m going to go out on a limb here… (oh wait…monkeys do that so maybe I shouldn’t) and say that there was nothing racist about that… In fact… if you saw that as remotely racist…you have one of these three problems…


1.  You have never been anywhere near a child…EVER…. because if you had… you would know that all kids (no matter what color) are monkeys…. They climb on everything if given the chance…

2. The winter Olympics are coming up and you are training to get a gold medal in virtue signaling…

3. You are the racist and you are projecting….


If any of those offended you as much as the H&M ad did…then you need to check your oppression privilege….


Really… there’s only one thing to be upset about here and that’s the fact that H&M apologized… How can these poor soy filled (because milk is racist) thickins learn anything if they are always proven right (in their eyes) because everyone backs down to them…..??


And all of those celebrities… They should be ashamed of themselves… What is the point of them jumping on the V.S bus with these losers….?? ….Do they think it’ll make them more money..??

The jokes on them because I heard that being a professional victim doesn’t pay that well…..


So great job H&M for handing these assholes another victory… Every time shit like this happens they dig deeper to find racism in everything… and then we have to listen to them bitch about it…..


I’ll end by saying that ALL kids are monkeys and race has NOTHING to do with it…..


Now had it been a little white kid with a shirt on that said COOLEST CRACKER IN THE CUPBOARD…


Rational whites would probably buy it for our kids….because we have a sense of humor….


And the whites on the left wouldn’t say a fucking thing about racism…..



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