I’m Dreaming of a Diverse Christmas……

Well Hell….. Christmas is right around the corner…. By now we all know that most people complain that Christmas has become too commercial…. that we’ve lost touch with the true meaning of Christmas…. That’s nothing new…. The terrible monster called political correctness that’s attached itself to the greatest holiday on earth is nothing new either… but it’s growing at a rapid rate…..

People trying to ban the song White Christmas is just one tiny ripple in the shallow common sense pool that is trying to take over and ruin everything….. so I’m here to talk about all of the colors of Christmas…..

See…. Christmas is not only a white holiday…. It’s a multicolored/cultural holiday….. kind of like a strand of Christmas lights…. I have compiled a top 5 list of holiday colors by race so when someone tells you that Christmas is more favoring to whites….. you can give them solid examples of how they are not only fucking stupid for attaching race to anything (I know I’m doing it…but only to prove a point)…. but they are wrong……


White…… (Caucasian)




Santa’s beard

The cotton like stuff on Santa’s hat


Black (African American)

Santa’s belt

Coal ( Hey….it’s part of Christmas…. In fact it’s a big part if you are threatening your kids when they are naughty… but don’t use this unless you want to be labeled more racist than you supposedly already are….)

Frosty the Snowman’s hat

The engine on a Christmas train

Mikulas (the Czech Santa) well….his whole outfit is black

The metal part of a sled


Brown (Mexican)


The trunk of a Christmas tree (may not seem important… but a tree can not stay in the stand without a trunk… it’s science…)

Pine cones

Gingerbread men

Cinnamon for egg nog


Yellow/Gold (Asian)

Christmas star

Jingle Bells



Manger straw (very cushiony)


Red (Native American)


Holly berries

Rudolph’s nose

Tree skirts



Almost all Christmas decorations have red in them….. so I could easily name more than five things……




Candy canes




So you see…. based on my list (and the standards of those that mention the word privilege)… Christmas is actually a Native American holiday because more things are red… The only race that would be able to compete would be Martians because most things Christmas are equally green…. but no one’s talking about Martian privilege now are they…..




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