My Cellphone Stands (Lays) On My Table, Dresser, Counter or Nightstand In Solidarity….??….


Emojis are not something that I use very often…. I’m not really into texting all that much … and when I do text…. I try to get straight to the point….Lengthy back and forth conversations via text make me crazy…. There are times that I will use an animal emoji or another symbol to end a conversation…. When I answer you with a cat face… I hope you realize that ….like a cat… I am no longer interested in anything you have to say at that moment and would like to be left alone…. So yes… I guess you could say that there are times when an emoji may come in handy…. So why bother to bring this up…??


I’ll tell you why…..


The other day I was texting with someone and decided the best way to end the conversation would be to throw a small…. green…what appeared to be a dinosaur…up on the screen……. Once the conversation had ended…. I decided for some reason to go through my entire list of emojis that came on my phone…. Since I had never gone through even half of my emojis before….. imagine my surprise when I saw what was… preinstalled I guess is the word I’m looking for..?….on my phone….

I now know… through a miniscule amount of research…. that you can buy additional emojis from many places on the internet… so why is it that my phone has a fuck ton of symbols that I wouldn’t buy because I don’t want them…??…

You have to buy a coffin…. A COFFIN… emoji for your phone…. It does not appear automatically when you get your phone…. This pissed me off because nothing says “This conversation is DEAD” like the image of a tiny coffin popping up on your phone…. and I am forced to spend money to end a conversation that way….

Another thing I noticed was my gun was missing…. A quick google search taught me that they did remove my gun emoji … but since I rarely use them…. this kidnapping and eventual murdering and pouring lye all over that poor emoji so no trace of it would ever be found…seemingly leading people to believe that it never existed….went unnoticed…..

The main thing I noticed and was pissed as hell to find on my phone were all of the symbols bathed in the golden light of my favorite fucking thing on the planet….


Politically correctness and forced tolerance and acceptance through conditioning…..


As I have stated before… I am not racist… homophobic….xenophobic….or any other “phobic” on the planet….


That being said….


If I wanted gender identity emojis that are not simply male or female on my phone… I should have to purchase them….  Gender identity is one of the most fucking retarded things on the planet and now my phone has turned against me and is standing in solidarity with something I don’t….. by housing multiple gender emojis..??…. It’s MY phone…. Shouldn’t it be at least agreeing with me on this …?.. Just a little bit…??.. Is that too much to ask…???..


Apparently…it is too much to ask…and now I’m so very fucking glad that I’m due for an upgrade in a few short weeks…..


Maybe I’ll be able to get a phone that’s a little less politically correct…… One that is less concerned about virtue signaling and more into the preservation of freedom of speech and other rights that are slowly being eroded away by the waves of a diverse civilization that thinks that being intolerant makes them more tolerant…..

And for you ASSHOLE programmers that are forcing my phone to go against my feelings on social issues……Do us all a favor and create something that is actually useful for a change..

A drunken slurred speech to text app would be GREAT………..




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