Can I See Your ID..??..

Every single one of us has THAT friend….  The friend that gets pissed off when they get carded… It’s usually …..actually ….it’s always… a female friend…. Why does this happen…??.. What is it about getting carded that makes them turn into crazed animals….???





Maybe having a huge purse with way too much shit in it is the problem….They don’t want to have to dig through a third of the items they own just to get their ID…..






Would she be as bitchy about having to reach into her purse if a police officer asked to see her license though..??..



I’d say probably not so why be so hostile towards the poor person that is just doing their job…??

Is it because she just turned twenty one and the make up she’s wearing doesn’t make her look older….??.. And why is it that younger women always want to look older…??.. Older women don’t want to look older…. In fact they want to look younger….



So why do some women get upset when they get carded…??… I think the answer to that question is similar to the how many licks tootsie pop question…. The world will never know….. Even they themselves may not know…. But here’s how to solve this problem of theirs…. Ladies….when you get carded ….appreciate it….. You know the saying …. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone….??… Trust me Gals…..when you no longer get carded…you’re going to wish you still did……




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