Being Born

I figured birth would be a good subject to start with…. Mainly because it is the only shared experience (besides death) that we as humans have…. We were all born…

We didn’t hatch …..


It was a pretty uneventful time for us…. A lot of people may disagree saying that their delivery was complicated and traumatic… but really….how bad was it…??.. Do you even remember it..??.. Of course you don’t …. And no matter how many stories your Mom tells you about terribly difficult it was to deliver you….keep in mind…. it wasn’t difficult for you at all….

One minute you weren’t here …..


The next minute you were…

life 4

It’s that simple…It may have been a shitty time for her…

life 3

but all in all …

It wasn’t that bad for you…

life 5

I guess what I’m trying to say is…. We are not that unique… In fact when it comes to being born….we are not unique at all…. Whether it be by natural birth or a C section….EVERY single human being on the planet enters the world through a slit…….


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